Sunday, June 09, 2013

The 10th annual Jokers Car & Bike Show

The 10th annual Jokers Car & Bike Show in Tidaholmsparken in Tidaholm this weekend must have been a success. It was great to be there, even if it in my case was for the Friday only, due to other commitments (bad planning). Anyhow, I got a nice ride for 250 miles on my Knuckle ´45 in sunshine.

A very nice mixture of motorcycle and car styles from the late 40's up to early 60's, show up with their Enthusiasts. It was fantastic to meet all friends and be together with this entire people who keep the tradition rolling on….Even so the show has been promoted as the last Jokers Car & Bike Show, I do hope the “JoKerS MoToRfaMiLy” will be back with something else in future….!

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  1. Great shots! I took a trip with the T-bird to Tidaholm on Saturday.
    (Only fytio minutes from home)
    A lot of nice to look at in the park!