Friday, June 29, 2012

Old American Bike Meet Mosten MC

In Sweden the Midsummer Eve is more or less a holy weekend. In spite of this we had planned for a road trip to Denmark together with our friends Marie and Caermit. Marie and Monica was riding there modern bikes, whilst Caermit rode his Flathead UL-48 and my self on the Knuckle FL-46. The weather on Thursday morning was on the best side and it continuing the rest of the day, everything was perfect when we head out to Old American Bike Meet, Mosten MC in Denmark.

The ride were fantastic down to Varberg, we stopped at some nice watering holes along the way. In the first stop we met with Le Beef, in Vargön the place were he has his shop.

Next morning we enter the ferry to Grenaa, after a couple of hours the weather turned from perfection to heavy rain. As long we were on the ferry it was OK, but hell ……a speedboat should work better than my old Knuckle on the roads in Denmark!  

We arrived to the meet a bit later than planned after we have tried to dry up in a Bed & Breakfast place nearby. There were plenty of cool bikes and bikers, it was impressive to check out the good mixture of Old Indians and Harleys. The feeling was, some of the regulars didn't make it for the weather reasons. Anyhow we met with many new and old friends we bullshitted with, it made the trip, all the time with a “handgrip” (Danish beer) in one of the hands!

The ride back was beautiful, we decide to go north to Fredrikshavn to take the ferry to Gothenburg, it gave us some more riding on the Danish roads with some very good stop. Back in Sweden in the evening, the rain showers started to be more regular again, but it works when you have good company.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bengan´s -32 Roadster

My friend Bengan, here in his garage shows me the latest development with his fantastic Roadster-32 project, almost ready for the road. This Roadster will be outstanding by this powerful engine, a Hemi 392 cui from -57, with an NOS Offenhauser manifold equipped with new 6x2 Stromberg 97. As the real enthusiast he is, he has combined this with a Tremec 5-speed transmission and a quick-change rear end. The gauges are Stewart-Warner and the steering wheel comes from a Chevy -56.

I believe Bengan have picked the most respected parts available in the field for this project in order to achieve highest always.

Monday, June 04, 2012

The generator on my Bobber....

On the way back from Coupe Devils Rod & Kustom Bonanza, it looks that the night started earlier that evening, the sky was black, lot of rain falling down, the lights was on…. Great. The generator gave up on my Knuckle-45 Bobber.

A couple of days after I removed the generator to check it up and noticed the armature has hit a pool shoe and was broken. I show a friend and his comment was; “anyway it got you home so I guess you shouldn't complain”!

At home again, the day after in Sunshine