Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pontiac Firebird -68

Pontiac Firebird was in 1968 offered in five separate versions and engines alternative. My buddy Dicks Firebird is the hardtop coupe version with a four-barrel 326, giving 285 horsepower. He bought and imports this car from US, it was ready to go for the road. First it have to be approved by the Swedish authority for vehicle inspection, to have a registration certificate.

Than it all started, the oil pump gave up on it´s very first trip on Swedish roads, you all know what can happen than. Now he has to find a new engine for replacement….Than it start to fail miserably and everything's gone straight to hell..... He find a lot of others to be take care of......
Dick is a real optimist as well very skillful in what he’s doing, now he working on to exchange all sheet metal on the car including widening the fenders….More to come!

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