Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sidecar project

The Flathead -47 will be equipped with a sidecar, mentioned  earlier on this blog. The sidecar body I bought was full of Bondo made by a real optimist, who has used all the entire tricks. So I have to sanding that damned body to see what’s remains!  Not too much remained so I have to find another body. Now, one of my friends helps with the metalwork for the "new" one, still some work to do. The chassis were actually all right and are now painted….

Wonder if this project is only nostalgia, emotions, or if it is only for fun?  Will it be possible that I extend the riding season? For sure, kids like them and that will mean I will like it. As somebody said, “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood”.
I should know both negative and positive effects regarding sidecars, because I used to have a very nice Panhead 1948 with sidecar for long time. After restoration, I sold it for some years ago. Probably that is the reason way I start with this project again…Never sell anything!
No doubt, it is to RIDE a motorcycle but to DRIVE a sidecar!   

The Panhead 1948 sold to Denmark


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