Friday, October 05, 2012

Another Hot Rod Enthusiast!

Nils, here in his garage have the mechanical and metalworking needed skills and desire to build what I will say a dream car. In every detail, this Ford -32 roadster will be perfect. It will have influences from late 1950´s era maintaining the period-correct theme.

Look at details in the pictures…..  

The powerful engine is an -56 Y-block 312, with E-4 Isky Cam, on top a set of ECZ-G heads, equipped with Edelbrock manifolds and 3 Holley 2100 carbs. The rest of the drivetrain consists of a Ford C4 transmission. The gauges Nils will use are Auto Meters. The rear end is a Ford 9” axel with drum brakes. The front end is a 4” drop I-beam axle with disk brakes; this will be changed to drum brakes before next summer. 
The color of the car is called Tacoma Cream, this was an original paint for 1935-1936 Ford. 

This Rod will if everything goes the right way, be on the road in the summer of 2013. 

Good luck Nils with your project!