Sunday, August 05, 2012

A-Bombers Old Style Weekend 2012

This weekend it was time again to fill all the senses for the A-Bombers 17th “Old Style Weekend”. Lots of bikes and cars in different styles was again showing up, there was a wide mix from original to cool, cooler or the hottest you can find…. To avoid to be directed to the visitors parking, you have to come there in an American car up to 1956 model, or on a bike in 30s - 50s American style. The style of the car or bike is the whole thing here.

As usual it was lots of people who came to make their love to 1950s Rock’n’roll life style.  Somebody to have the hair cut in rockabilly style, buying a pair of Dickies-pants, or to sit down in the artist's chair to have a rockabilly tattoo as a lifelong commitment, to this life style. All time with a wide range of rockabilly music from International bands as well from the DJ, Trasan.

 C’mon lets Rock’n’roll!

More pics will follow…

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