Monday, January 02, 2012

Mercury Eight 1949

This original and restored 1949 Mercury Coupe has been saved from being chopped by someone like Sam Barris! I found the car in California, in September –10. The fact that this Mercury still had the original flathead V8 engine was just perfect.

The Mercury Eight has been my favorite car design, ever since I saw the movie “Rebel without a cause” with James Dean, and it has inspired me through the years.
The Mercury was shipped from Los Angeles and arrived in Sweden on a very cold November day 2010. The next day we had the first snow. 

Some soft customizing work has now been done to the car since it come to Sweden, it has been lowered with 2 ½” dropped spindles and 4” lowering blocks in the rear. The fender skirts are now from a –51, as well some paint job. The hubcaps are modified –56 Mercury now with a bullet. The original muffler was replaced with a “Cherry Bomb”, but in the future it will be replaced by a dual exhaust system. There are as always a lot of other work to do once you start go trough an old car you can spend all your time on it....... but don't expect too much. Nobody is perfect..... 



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