Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ol' Rocket Garage

Ol' Rocket Garage tries to maintain the feeling, attitude,  enthusiasm and pride, of the days when it becomes.
The "fun time" with great motorcycles and cool cars, genuine parts and beautiful accessory's in Art Deco design. The early day's Bobbers, Racing machines, Hill climbing bikes and not at least those who rode them....has inspired me to be an Enthusiast.
I have during the years owned a few Harleys; my favourite is without any doubt, Knucklehead.
For me old Bikes and Cars are the ultimate, due to appearance, character and soul. My passion and my hobby has given me a lot of friends. Not at least on all SWAP-meets and events around, as well when I have been digging for basket cases and looking for spare parts that has been for sale.                                                   
Split the Air!  The Rocketeer

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